What's New

The sixth Higher Education Planning in Asia (HEPA) Forum was held at Tokyo Institute of Technology, on 21-22 March 2017! Organized by a group of university planners from institutions across Asia, the 2-day Forum provided a platform for university planners across Asia to interact, share best practices and network. Click the image below to read more.

Data Warehouse

OIR and ISO are building a university-wide data warehouse and a Portal has been set up covering a wide range of analytics related to student, staff (in progress), research, teaching evaluation, rankings as well as institutional data published by UGC. Please contact us if you need to access the Portal.

Mission of OIR

To facilitate performance enhancement and quality improvement in HKUST's strategic & academic planning, development, and operations.

Key Functions of OIR
  • Lead and support university-wide planning processes, including strategic, academic, operational and resource planning;

  • Coordinate institutional research activities and enhance capabilities to support planning and evidence-based decision making;

  • Collect stakeholders' feedback and research evidence to support institutional quality assurance and development in teaching and learning.

  • Coordinate internal and external management reporting, in relation to planning, strategic initiatives and institutional performance.

The OIR plays 2 key roles: Institutional Research + Student Survey